Moody Bible Institute
Evening Program at Triumph

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East Campus
2760 E Grand Blvd • Detroit
Eastland Campus
19801 Vernier Rd • Harper Wds
North Campus
15600 JL Hudson • Southfield  
West Campus
16115 Beck Rd • Northville  
Flint Campus
1657 Broadway Blvd • Flint 
North Campus
15600 JL Hudson • Southfield 

The General Epistles • Mondays @ 6:30pm
Triumph Church - East Campus (beginning June 10, 2019)
An expositional study of the General Epistles - Hebrews, James, I and 11 Peter and Jude. Students will examine the authorship, audience, major Themes and purpose of each epistle to learn how the writers used divine wisdom to meet the challenges facing the church.
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The Doctrine of Salvation • Mondays @ 6:30pm
Triumph Church - Eastland Campus (beginning June 10, 2019)

This course is an inquiry into the salvation provided and applied by the triune God. It considers man's need, God's purpose, plan, and accomplishment of salvation, with emphasis on the atonement of Christ. The systematic study of the subject matter provides a solid base for worship and appreciation..

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Romans • Mondays @ 6:30pm
Triumph Church - North Campus (beginning June 10, 2019)

A biographical study of the great apostle, evangelist and missionary of the early Church. Paul's epistles will be explored to gain insight and draw faith lessons from his teachings and life.

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How to Study the Bible on Your Own • Thursdays @ 6:30pm
Triumph Church - West Campus (beginning June 13, 2019)
This course offers laboratory work in bible study using the inductive method. It will include chapter summary, biographical, geographical, book analysis, word study and other methods designed to develop proof in uncovering the treasures of God's Word.
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Understanding People/Counseling Practicum • Thursdays @ 6:30pm
Triumph Church - North Campus (beginning June 13, 2019)
Explores the physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual characteristics and needs of people as they develop and face life challenges from birth Through adulthood. Provides a biblically-based guide for helping people in different circumstances of life.
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II Corinthians • Thursdays @ 6:30pm
Triumph Church - Flint Campus (beginning June 13, 2019)

This course examines the early church and the issues they faced. It addresses these issues with corrective action that is foundational to today's contemporary church. 

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