Facebook is all about being personable and connecting with people. Most of the communication that goes on in Facebook is about the little, personal things in people’s lives. People on Facebook are looking for that kind of personal information and interaction. By sharing your personal side with fellow church members on Facebook, it makes a large church like Triumph feel smaller.

Even though it is not face-to-face, you are fellowshipping with other members. You will find that you share things other than your home church! You may share the same favorite sermon or you are alumni of the same school or grew up in the same part of the South. It is these small connections that builds bonds and the family atmosphere that makes Triumph Church never feel like a huge mega-church.

Even more important, think of the tens of thousands of people who do not attend any church. Facebook opens the doors to the people and atmosphere of Triumph Church. They can get a glimpse of Triumph, through you! That makes the church more attractive to people, especially unchurched people who think the church is all about denominations, rules and religious practices.

Additionally, you will be the first to updated on Triumph Church events. So join the fun and feel free to post your own inspirations, pictures and messages on the wall!