Triumph Church has been a community pillar in southwest Detroit since 1920. Its purpose, its legacy, and its appeal are all rooted in the Christian tenets of the birth, ministry, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. As declared in our motto, “the Church where the Word is the Word”, Triumph Church operates upon the steadfast truth of the Holy Bible.

Under the leadership of Pastor Solomon Kinloch, Jr. Triumph Church has flourished as both a ministry and an organization. From a gathering of just over forty dedicated members to an empowered multitude of several thousand, Triumph Church continues to nurture souls within Christ through:
                                                     • Fellowship
                                                     • Discipleship
                                                     • Stewardship  
                                                     • Worship

Even with our dynamic growth, there is room for you. We welcome you to experience the Christ-centered gospel at Triumph Church, "One Church in Multiple Locations."

Creed, Vision & Purpose Statements

Triumph's VISION
It is the vision of this church to build a spirit-led ministry with thousands of members committed to making a difference in individual lives by spiritual development, family enrichment and world evangelism.
Triumph's PURPOSE
To bring people to Christ through evangelism, show people love through fellowship, develop them through discipleship, and demonstrate God's love through their membership, in order to magnify God through worship.

Triumph's CREED
The Pastor is God led, according to "The Word."
The People are Pastor led, through "The Word."
And everyone is spirit-filled because of "The Word."